Inspiring Breakthrough Change 2: Dealing with HR Challenges in the Workplace

Inspiring Breakthrough Change 2: Dealing with HR Challenges in the Workplace

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Many businesses struggle today to meet the changing landscape of the workplace. Among the business leaders guiding any organization, HR holds a unique position at the intersection of strategy, communication and talent and, as such, have the knowledge, interest and charter not only to improve individual leaders, but also to generate value from others. We want to empower Business and HR Leaders with insight on these organizational problems and the solutions that can help their teams and people to grow past these challenges. Solution providers external to their organizations bring a wealth of solutions for their current organizational problems.

A moment of truth for HR leaders is to deal with the emerging and recurring organizational challenges and bring workable solutions and relevant insights that can help accelerate organizations growth. The event dealt with the Organization challenges and presented an opportunity for other HR and Business Leaders to mutually benefit from discussion and external insights. The event helped Business and HR leaders be proactive and prepared, and helped them understand where and how to focus efforts and see progress in how they can deal with these challenges.

HR Leaders, Senior Managers, Training & Development heads, NGO and Organization Leaders found the three challenges discussed and dissected in the event to be relevant for their organizations and can generate further opportunities to help and network with these business leaders. The Roundtable discussion also provided additional venue to discuss relevant issues and collaborate across participants on what are emerging best practices for their organizations.

The GREAT Reset – (Be) Alive, Survive, Strive or Thrive

The GREAT Reset – (Be) Alive, Survive, Strive or Thrive

The GREAT Reset

Bouncing Back Strong from COVID 19

If the unexpected destructive COVID-19 crisis has a potential side, it is this: The weaknesses of particular organizations and institutions around the world have been exposed by the pandemic, thus serving a trigger and providing a stimulus for reform. An immediate and timely response by management is imperative and critical to ensure the adoption of certain strategies.

Understand the new realities for businesses under a changing new normal

Learn the 4 possible strategies a business may undertake to face the new realities after this crisis

Organize around the focus to manage logistical & financial needs to keep your business going

Determine which industry needs to pivot, transform, and/or mitigate full operations beyond the lockdown period

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* Leads Resources can assist you in developing a program to help you re-evaluate your vendor relationships. Contact our team for more information.

Powerful Negotiations for Buyers and Sellers

Powerful Negotiations for Buyers and Sellers


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1-day Negotiation Strategy and Practical Tactics

Negotiation is the process of using persuasion techniques to convince a counterpart to agree to a deal. Unfortunately, many of us do not use the best negotiation practices. We wing it and rely on intuition, and we walk off the negotiation table feeling that we should have obtained more value.

Learning Objectives for the Course

In this one-day workshop, we will provide you with a simple step-by-step guide that you can use to improve the results you get from your negotiation. It is our goal for you to understand the module clearly, so you can start using these techniques to achieve your goals.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Foundation

Understanding the concept of Power and sources of Power in negotiations

Why parties are Positional in negotiations and how to bring out real Interests

Understanding Issues and Concessions Debunking Win-Lose Approach for Win-Win Negotiations

How collaborative negotiations produce real Third Alternatives

Module 2: Negotiation Planning

The essential steps of preparing for any negotiation

Seven common strategy approaches on which to base a negotiation

How to prepare for the opening, middle, and closure of negotiations

How to prevent the disasters common to team negotiations

Module 3: Negotiation Execution

How to negotiate a difficult scenario

Exactly what to say in four common negotiation situations

Common tactics used in negotiations and how to neutralize them

How to close a negotiation using respectful pressure

Module 4: Workshop – Mock Negotiation

Process Learnings to accelerate re-application

Assessing your strength and weakness in the negotiation process

Powerful Negotiations
Motivation Matters

Motivation Matters

A Discovery Process to Enhance Motivation in Your Organization

An engaged employee is a motivated employee who will contribute to the success of an organization. A recent survey revealed that most executives (63%) are extremely concerned about employee disengagement over the next 12 months. ( 2019, Deloitte). Employee disengagement has been steadily rising due to unavoidable adjustments in how employees are working in response to the pandemic. This strains employee retention, as well as productivity and loyalty.

LEADS Resources partners with Toby Huyssen through this free webinar to share three approaches to help develop and maintain engaged employees during these uncertain times.

• Learn about different motivational workshops to boost the morale of a company, and produce immediate results.
• Understand the process for cultivating environthe ment and focuses on implementing immediately to sustain motivation, and
• Embark on a transforming culture that will produce the longest-lasting results.

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Motivation Matters
Inspiring Breakthrough Change 2020

Inspiring Breakthrough Change 2020


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Inspiring Breakthrough Change 2020
October 29 2020 | 9AM – 12NN | Breakout Session   (1:00PM – 2:30PM)

IBC was created in April 2018 and has been providing meaningful gatherings for individuals and organization leaders who are challenged to make a breakthrough in their work and professional career, as well as personal situations where common bonds become a springboard to create communities.

This year we will hold the first virtual conference to share ideas, trends, and opportunities in the new normal and create breakout sessions that allow participants to have more time to network in smaller groups and attend specific topics that are relevant to their field. It is also our vision to launch our IBC Web Forum Series to create e-Communities in various disciplines that will help individuals and organizations thrive during these uncertain times.

The IBC Web Forum Series will serve as a platform to share best practices while building relationships between like-minded people who share a common objective of transforming organizations in Business, Non-Profit and NGOs, as well as Social Enterprises and SME’s.

Learn from EVER MIRANDA, Founder of Successful Living Summit on transformational breakthrough thinking and help your team translate intent to the higher performance that reflects a mark of excellence in your personal and business goals.

Gain insights from DYLAN WILK of GKI, the company behind the HUMAN NATURE BRAND, on how his company is empowering organizations facing the challenging 2021 to drive transformation by focusing on your strength as he guided his Social Enterprise to inspire and compete even with the giants in his industry.

Hear TOBY HUYSSEN, LEADS Affiliate Partner, discuss how the DiSC engagement framework can be a BREAKTHROUGH MOTIVATOR in any organization’s challenges in our new normal.

Dive deep with NICK DAVID as he covers the ADAPTIVE STRATEGIC PLANNING toolkit for Businesses, NGOs/Churches on mapping your organizations’ continuity and resilience plans by raising practical tools for your planning activities.

Listen to MARIEL BERTUMEN, Sr. Manager from Oracle Netsuite as she discusses how to FUTURE PROOF YOUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS thru New Solutions.

Inspiring Breakthrough Change