A Discovery Process to Enhance Motivation in Your Organization

An engaged employee is a motivated employee who will contribute to the success of an organization. A recent survey revealed that most executives (63%) are extremely concerned about employee disengagement over the next 12 months. ( 2019, Deloitte). Employee disengagement has been steadily rising due to unavoidable adjustments in how employees are working in response to the pandemic. This strains employee retention, as well as productivity and loyalty.

LEADS Resources partners with Toby Huyssen through this free webinar to share three approaches to help develop and maintain engaged employees during these uncertain times.

• Learn about different motivational workshops to boost the morale of a company, and produce immediate results.
• Understand the process for cultivating environthe ment and focuses on implementing immediately to sustain motivation, and
• Embark on a transforming culture that will produce the longest-lasting results.

Watch the recording here: https://www.facebook.com/leadsresources/videos/650031199259245

Motivation Matters