DiSCovering Effective Communication

Every person has different dreams, goals, fears, and outlooks on life. With such differing perspectives, many things “get lost in translation,” even if you are speaking the same language. This workshop, using the DiSC technology, will empower you with a better understanding of your behavioral style and tendencies.


The Goal

You will learn how to effectively interact and communicate with others who have different behavioral styles. It will strengthen your interpersonal communication skills as well as help you apply everything to your workplace.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to DiSC
  2. Understanding your individual behavior style
    – Realize your strengths and areas of improvements
    – Set personal goals of growth
  3. Learn how to assess other’s behavioral styles and identify differences
  4. Learn to value differences and others
  5. Discuss tactics of communication with people who have different behavioral styles
  6. Develop a plan of application to the workplace

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